Need of the Hour.

With so many Linux distributions coming up, and each one having many different versions and frequent updates the user usually get fed up and leaves Linux as a whole. which is disastrous and the last thing any Linux developer or an evangelist wants.

So i would like to propose a possible solution,

1.The base distribution(Ubuntu,Fedora,OpenSuse etc) developers should continue their good work and make their respective distributions as stable and hardware compatible as possible.

2.The base distribution communities should develop distro remastering softwares like “revisor”, reconstructor and let independent volunteers customise the base distributions with custom softwares and the likes,and the community as a  whole ranks the customised versions and promotes them instead of their pure GNU/Linux versions,which do a very bad job in the out of the box experience specially in the multimedia and drivers front and may never be able to overcome this because of the licensing issues and the likes that they(base developers and companies like canonical and Novell) are threatened with but volunteers cannot be threatened as they are expressing their freedomof choice and sharing it !

3.The popular distribution review and ranking sites should rank/review the base distributions and customised versions so end-users donot have to try out everything to see what they like.

I write the above points in the following interests

The end-non technica-laymanish user wants to have every thing in his Operating System work out of the box not worying about technical(the OS) issues at all.
He/She also wants all the components of his OS to be neatly and beautifully integrated.This is too much to ask for from one particular community, isn’t it ?
So job division among the Open Source community is very much essential and necessary.

kunal ghosh


One thought on “Need of the Hour.

  1. have you tried slackware? after using almost all the popular distributions, i finally came to one static distro. its good when you want to start from scratch or you want a deep understanding of how a simple linux system works.ubuntu has always been my secondary OS.
    your second solution is not so convincing. you can always change any part of a standard gnu/linux distro. that aint a big deal. plus most of those people do it part-time as long as i know. so they wont be having more time for such loads.
    anyways nice blog you have here. oss and linux it!

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