I am a 23 yr old, currently living in Bangalore, India and working for Amazon.com . Before I was employed by Amazon I was pursuing my Undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at Sir MVIT, Bangalore .

A Machine Learning Enthusiast and a Maker by Nature. A supporter and contributor to Free Software ( github.com/kunalghosh ) and a firm believer in Technology being an enabler. I love to find ways of making Technology more accessible and love good design and well designed products.

I am also a a Software Engineer by Training, an Electronics hobbyist by Interest and Runner for Life.

I am a great admirer of Donald Knuth ( watch his message here ) and Will Smith ( Watch a few of his motivational videos on Youtube ! ) specially his work in the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness.

This being my personal blog, there is no set theme. However all my Blog Posts are tagged by topic and you can find a list of tags under the Categories section.

If you wish to contact me please drop me an email at kunal <dot> t2 <at the rate> gmail.

[ Kunal Ghosh , Sat Aug 10 20:10:38 IST 2013 ]


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Google search is closed source ! Bing search is closed source ! Both the tools are accessible to everybody for free. Now what ?

    • That’s a good question , and i want to answer it. but i did not understand what you meant by “Now what ?”
      Both the Search Engines are in a way “Tools” which are freely available to all.
      So what’s your question ?

  2. Hey Kunal, I wish to deploy my own storage cloud to which i can connect from my laptop on the move using data card. I would like it to show up as mapped drives under my computer.

    Can you help, please?

  3. Hi,
    I am Convener of Mukti, its an annual symposium on FOSS, held at NIT Durgapur.
    I wanted to contact you for, a talk/workshop. Do reply me on my e-mail, so that I can give you more details.

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