Nifty Tricks !

Trick 1:Running a simple HTTP / FILE server:

Supposing you have a folder where you have mirrored a repository and now want to use it instead of the on line (Over the Internet) repo.
So, since most Linux…et all OS es have PYTHON by default ,

cd to the mirror folder and execute
$python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9914
NOTE:here 9914 is an arbitrary port number, can be any unused port.

Trick 2:Resuming Torrent Downloads:
Recently because of some reason my ubuntu 8.10 which i was using for a long time, crashed. I had lots of unfinished torrent downloads there.
Not knowing what to do, i took a copy of the incomplete downloads and headed over to 9.04 and then copied them to Transmission Torrent client’s default download location and downloaded the same torrent files, to my amazement the
downloads resumed !


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