Just got My 9600GT & Corsair SMPS.

I recently got my 9600GT along with a 450W Corsair SMPS and they are sweeeet ! 🙂
Though i am very excited with my new toys here are a few preliminary observations about them:
1.The SMPS has got no fan and so makes ZERO noise.
2.The glxgears in my ubuntu 8.10 box maxed at 8700FPS in contrast to 1200FPS of the built in ATIx1250 Graphics Card.
3.The card comes with a cable to connect to my TV (That’s neat !).
4.The Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu are so good that they pointed out that i had not connected a power cable to my Graphics card :-p (Man this is good !!!).

For now i just feel like getting submerged in the millions of colors and realistic virtual worlds fed by the juice of my Graphics Card.
Haaaaaaaaah !

Kunal Ghosh


2 thoughts on “Just got My 9600GT & Corsair SMPS.

  1. Well its a bit sucky too Kunal..
    Apparently nvidia drivers dont go that well in many cases.. Thats i’ve seen on ubuntu itself…

    Dont worry too much you can see it yourself. just try changing settings on compiz in ubuntu.. you see a lot of issues there.. and thats the beginning… 🙂

    • Hi sham, yes i do see some issues with my 9600 from time to time but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
      1.As of now Nvidia has better/widely available opensource graphic drivers than ATI cards , i have a built-in ati card and its a pain !
      2.Its got the CUDA API which allows me to utilize the card to write parallel programs which thrilled me the most.

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