Database Project

The DB Design

The DB Design

We were asked by our Database professor to design and implement a Database for storing details of Practical Exams of our Department as a Mini-Project.
Though we were not given any particular goal, with this design of mine i aim to write an application which will generate the time table given a start date of the Practicals.
I have made following “Application” Design Decisions in this draft (Random Order):
1.Alternate semesters can have labs simultaneously.
2.Clash of Dates ,ie student’s regular and arrears are scheduled on the same day at the same time, are avoided by scheduling the Pracs of higher semesters first.
3.Some labs are subject specific. i.e. we should have Analog Electronics Prac only in a particular lab.

Thats all for this Draft. 🙂
Kunal Ghosh


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