How About a DIY project for that lazy weekend !!

Recently we had our vacations , which was filled with plans to do things that i always wanted to do but didn’t get the time. Among the list of things there was a very interesting DIY (Do It Yourself) project to make a GSM SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card reader. Its pretty thrilling and quite easy to accomplish also !! I came across this project on Youtube, the last place according to me to find such stuff.

Well this project is from the site these guys have done quite a good job and the resources such as the circuit diagram and the necessary software are readily available. And for those of you who hail from Bangalore , the components are easily available from SP Road and should cost around Rs34/- without the SIM-card holder which itself costed me Rs30/- anyways the links are as follows:

1. The Project Home Page

2.The Schematics PNG EagleCAD file and EagleCAD board layout

3.Software Source Windows executable

Finally Some Pics of my SIM READER 🙂




6 thoughts on “How About a DIY project for that lazy weekend !!

  1. The software given along with the project didnt work for me in case it did for you please reply with the configuration of your computer and the setup used, the OS used etc.

  2. hey itsw onderful to meet u i am also in the process of building this sim card reader.can u give me its circuit diagram.i am unable to find correct one on net.plz mail me the circuit diagram and is any code required for this project.if yes plz mail me even that one……………..tanx a lot

  3. Hi Kunal,

    its nice to see that u have a working prototype… i have develped the same board but unfortunately the exe version of pysim reader doesnot list any ports on my machine… i have tested all my com ports succesfully with serial port terminal softwares.. it wrkin fine…….

    any suggestions to make it work..

    i use win 7 ultimate 32 bit.
    i have installed python 3 as well as python serial
    i am using the pysim reader msi installation file for windows……….
    circuit is well checked no issues

    • Hi Jagan,
      From your software list, i see that you are using python 3 , pysim reader is designed to use python 2.x
      can you try using that ?
      Also at the time of writing the blog , i did not have it fully working.
      Will try again using pyGSM , pySerial.
      You could try the same and let me know how it goes,


      • hey kunal thnkz for the reply man………..

        also try another sim reader app called simscan v1.0 or 2.0

        i guess it was also sme issue with my board tooo.
        Appreciate that u replied….

        keep trying new things

        Bye 🙂

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