IDEs in LINUX the good bad and the not so ugly !!


Well in undergraduate college courses we all are taught to write programs in C/C++ etc we all are very happy and enthusiastic about it but little do we know about the stark realities of real word programming !!
the TURBO C++ IDE used in most colleges and homes by students is though easy ( if i may call it so :)) to learn doesn’t teach us good project management skills. I know that project management skill like code reuse , splitting the code into many files etc can be done even in this IDE but the point is that it doesn’t enforce it !!

So let me point out a few popular IDEs

(i will not feature CODE::BLOCKS as i myself have not used it fellow developers are welcome to leave comments about the use of CODE::BLOCKS IDE)

that are available to students using linux

( i am a staunch supporter of linux )


it is a very simple IDE and IDEAL for beginners if you are using UBUNTU you’ll most probably find it in the repositories.

NOTE: it does not have a debugger built in.And has very elementary project management features.

to compile a sample C code

/*————hello world.c————–*/

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf(“Hello, World !!\n”);




step on File->New

step 2.replace all the text with the code given above.

step the file

step Build->compile (it should not give any errors)

step Build->build (it should not give any errors)

step Build->execute.

Voila !! there you have your output.

Note: incase you are using math.h header file

goto build->set includes & arguments

and change the compile entry to gcc -Wall -c -lm “%f”

and build entry to gcc -Wall -lm “%f”


It is a very mature and stable and useful and …. IDE ideal for many practical uses but for now i will explain only how to write and compile a sample C code on File->New->project


3.Project Type select “Generic” under the C tab.

4.give a relevant project name (***without spaces***) and forward

5.destination :select the path of an empty folder.

6.Apply the files sidebar select “src”->”main.c” are by default given a sample hello world program on Build->compile


11.Build->execute program.

you should be able to see the “Hello world” output in a seperate window

NOTE:in case you are using the math.h header file

in files sidebar select “src”->MakeFile

in that replace the entry on the 86th line

“CPP = gcc -E” with “CPP = gcc -E -lm”

and save the makefile you may need to change the g++

entries if you are using c++ to code.

I am leaving KDEVELOP and NETBEANS for you to practice on.

incase this article of mine has been of any use to you please leave a message.

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regards and Best of Luck

kunal ghosh



2 thoughts on “IDEs in LINUX the good bad and the not so ugly !!

  1. Thanks for this post. I’d been looking at several Linux IDE’s and finally settled with Geany until I know enough to be dissatisfied with it (that’ll take a while).

    I’ll definitely be coming back to read this when I need to make the switch to something new!

    • Nice to Know that my post helped you to decide on an ide !
      please write to me if you want anything else featured on the site.
      I’ll try and feature it as and when time permits.


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