having a tough time adopting LINUX for my C programming :(

I accept the fact that linux is a brilliant and a very promising platform for every day use ! but I often find it very hard to use it for my elementary C programming needs . I use UBUNTU 8.04 and gcc for compiling my C programs.Also I do understand the fact that GCC is not giving me problems ( which many people donot understand ;-P) it is the header files. I am used to many outdated header files like CONIO.H and DOS.H , Graphics.H and ironically it is still being taught in college 😦 . Surfing around the web got me some solutions and a set of new problems 😦 (what the heck !!)

1.Use ncurses.h instead of conio.h for most of my needs i.e getch() etc !

2.Dos.h is obsolete because it was for single user OS and is not suitable for an Multiuser, Multiprocessing OS like LINUX.

3.Graphics.h is obsolete and we are encouraged to use GTK and other APIs for graphics programming which are far more capalbe.


1.well not as many as solutions but i cannot find ncurses.h in my installation CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS !!

well that was my “SUKH DUKH ki BATEIN” and hope i get some solutions to them.

IF you happen to have any solutions please leave entries at my guest book

well i also found this article to be a bit of help 🙂



3 thoughts on “having a tough time adopting LINUX for my C programming :(

  1. which libraries are suitable as a replacement i want to simulate the functioning of getch()

    Kunal Ghosh

  2. Hi Kunal,

    Please try to install libncurses-dev or ncurses-dev. I think that will let you have those header files. But I am not sure of the exact name of the package. It definitely has the name ncurses-dev

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