Scripting it up using JavaScript !

There have been many times with me, and i suppose it might have happend to you too, when i wanted to learn a programming language without having to spend bucks on buying books ! (i guess i was acting a bit stingy ;-P)well i did find many sites where there were PDFs or web tutorials but recently in slashdot i read a post which lead me to Appjet’s website where they were offering a Very Interactive tutorial of JAVASCRIPT, I actually tried it out and must comment that there offering is a very nicely thought out one, because of the following reasons:

1.Experimenting with your code while learning , with the inbuilt code window.

(really nice addition)

2.They have a very well structured lesson plan ! keeping in mind that the viewer will be anabsoulute     beginner.

3.They provide an online IDE which is quite capable ! and very useful.

4.Also they have capabilities of server-side scripting all at one place.

5.They also provide online hosting upto 10MB and likely to increase ! which is indeed quite promising.

6.You can download the apps you have written and host them yourself if you actually want to !!

well that was a small review of a very promising service which has a lot of potential in the future . PROVIDED they dont make any strategically stupid decisions ! like going completely closed source !

bye for now !


(kunal ghosh)


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