The Philosophy behind and Essence of FOSS

————————————(Why is it the way it is ?)———————————
Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) as a way of thinking emphasizes a few things like
1.Free in the above acronym stands for Free as in Freedom of speech VIZ the freedom of expression.
2.Free software in the above acronym stands for Literally FREE nothing else !!

But before we get into the intecracies of FOSS and Linux, it’s STORY TIME !!!!

There is a story behind every thing that ever happened and so there is a story ( which portrays the
essence of ) behind FOSS & LINUX too !

few years back there was a undergraduate student by the name Linus Torwalds , he( as every body even now has
to ) had to study UNIX(an operating system somewhat like Windows but had a command prompt like DOS)
in his 3rd semester Engineering.. he really liked it ! and wanted to work more on it but
there was a problem you couldn’t just copy UNIX and paste it into your computer so he really got frustrated and
thought why isn’t it available for FREE ! thus was born the FREE context of FOSS. He then as a college project
went on to write the CORE of UNIX speculating what it might be…..obviously ! he didn’t have one at his disposal.
Thus was born what we now know as LINUX( i.e. LINUS – ‘S’ + an ‘X’ form UNIX), this he made it freely available
for people to work upon and modify the way they wanted thus the context of FREE as in expression.

Some people, even in THE community(i.e. the linux and foss(L+F) developing community) who feel that L+F is
against WINDOWS and MICROSOFT it is completely wrong there is no rivalry here…..just that windows is based on a set of ideals and L+F on a different set.
F+L says don’t restrict peoples’ imagination make the tools available to them for free and let them do the actual
hard work, the creative work…….that’s for now i’ll be continuing this article further in my next entry…till then BYE !!!!!

kunal ghosh


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