blog entry on how to use WINE HQ

hey ! i being a linux newbie, have spent a long time working on windows and gathered a large repertoire of Windows based softwares…..but off late i was struck by the linux phenomenon and it didn’t take me long to get UBUNTU(free shipping [:)]) up and running on my computer…but i had a bit of a problem with it[:(]

1.My LIBRARY of windows softwares wouldn’t work on it.

2.Though it(ubuntu) had a nice desktop environment to its credit…it still needed a bit of commandline knowledge to unleash it’s true strength…


1. I googled my problem…leading instantaneously to which is a community
dedicated to developing WINE a program that Runs WINDOWS softwares on linux !!! isn’t it after a bit of scrolling led me to this site this is a brilliant
site, sort of a HOW-TO guide to teach the art of running WIN applications on Linux
the interesting part is the nice sorting of titles……it is indeed quite helpful….
2. As of this part still working on it a long way to go !

that’s all for now signing of for now….bye.
kunal ghosh.


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